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Stutter Therapist     

Lillian Agresta-Diaz, a licensed speech pathologist in the states of Florida and in New York. She has focused her career on treating people who stutter for about 25 years. She has shared her experience, knowledge, and clinical proficiency with those who stutter, their families, and other professionals wishing to acquire further knowledge in the field of fluency disorders. In order to reach people at a distance, Lillian developed a telepractice proto colutilizing the computer. This allows individuals who stutter to remain in the comfort of their home and receive speech therapy'. It also allows Lillian to mentor other SLP's at a distance.

Lillian is a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association, as well as, a member of its Special Interst Division 4-Fluency Disorders; and Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologists.

Lillian resides in Florida with her husband, where she maintains a private practice as well as in New York.

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