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To the Parents of Young Children

     Parents are the primary models for their child’s speech and language development. Children learn primarily in their home environment. Talking doesn’t just happen; it must be taught!
Keep in mind children need time to develop speech sounds. They master sounds at a particular age. Sometimes parents expect too much too soon from their children. They may want their children to start talking like adults when they are two or three years of age. Parents must understand that some sounds in our language are very difficult and may not be mastered until children are in the second grade. There is a progression in sound development from simple to more difficult sounds. Usually the p, b, m, w, and h appear in speech at about three and a half years; the t, d, k, g, ng, and y as in “yellow” appear at about four and a half; the f and v at about five and a half; and the l, sh, zh, as in “vision”, and th as in “that” at six and a half. The s, z, r, wh, and th as in “thin”, along with consonant blends such as st, sk, sm, fl, fr, br, bl, etc., appear any time from six to seven and a half. These ages serve only as guides. Individual differences must be kept in mind. Some children acquire speech sounds much earlier than others.

    Sometimes there are children who won’t talk. If this is the case with your child, take him to the pediatrician or family physician for a complete physical examination, including a hearing screening. There may also be a university speech clinic or private speech clinics in your area where you can go for assistance. Your local school district can also refer you to centers through Early Intervention and CPSE Programs for preschool children in need of speech evaluations and intervention. These centers are equipped to give your child special tests to determine the cause of his/her difficulties. If there is no organic problem and your child is capable of talking, the following suggestions may help your child talk.

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