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The onset of stuttering is typically during the period of intense speech and language development as the child is progressing from two word utterances to the use of complex sentences, generally between the ages of 2 to 5 but sometimes as early as 18 months. The child’s efforts at learning to talk and the normal stressors of growing up may be the immediate precipitance of the brief repetitions, hesitations, and sound prolongations that characterize early stuttering as well as normal disfluency. These first signs of stuttering gradually diminish and then disappear in most children, but some children continue to stutter. In fact, they may begin to exhibit longer and more physically tense speech behaviors as they respond to their speaking difficulties with embarrassment, fear, or frustration. If referral to a speech language pathologist (preferably who specializes in childhood stuttering) for parent counseling and treatment is made before the child has developed a serious social and emotional response to stuttering, prognosis for recovery is good.


The physician is often the first professional to whom a parent turns for help. Knowing the difference between normal developmental speech disfluency and potentially chronic stuttering enables the physician to advise parents and refer when appropriate. Early intervention for stuttering—which may range from parent counseling and indirect treatment to direct instruction—can be a major factor in preventing a life-long problem.
Data from several treatment programs indicate substantial recovery if treatment is initiated in the preschool years.

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