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What is stuttering?
Stuttering sometimes referred to as stammering or disfluent speech, is a speech disorder. As a person who stutters tries to speak, he or she may exhibit these characteristics.

• Frequent repetitions, prolongations, pauses, or hesitations of speech sounds, syllables, words or phrases.
Secondary behaviors such as eye blinking, squinting, muscle tension around lips or jaw.
Other stuttering behaviors

    No two stutterers stutter alike. Disfluent speech patterns are as unique as our fingerprints. Each stutterer should be treated according to his/her individual needs.
    Stuttering affects more than 3 million people in the United States. Although it most frequently occurs in children between the ages of two and six, it can affect all age groups. It occurs three times more often in males than females.

What causes stuttering?
The exact mechanical causes of stuttering are not completely understood. Though there is a well-accepted physical cause known as a, “laryngospasm” or “locking of the vocal cords”. There is also an hereditary factor.

What are the different types of stuttering?
There are several types of stuttering, including:
This is the most common type of stuttering, which occurs in children. As their speech and language processes are developing, they may not be able to meet verbal demands.
Neurogenic stuttering is also a common disorder that occurs from signal problems between the brain and nerves and muscles.
Psychogenic stuttering is believed to originate in the mind in the area of the brain that directs thought and reasoning. This type of stuttering may occur in people with mental illness or who have experienced mental stress or anguish. However, although stuttering may cause emotional problems, it is not believed to be the result of emotional problems.


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