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Susan Newton M.S., CCC

Susan M. Newton, M.S., CCC has 25 years of profession al experience as a Speech Language Pathologist. She is licensed by the New York State Education Department and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. She earned a M.S. degree in Speech Pathology from Adelphi University and A Bachelor of Arts Degree in Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped from Plattsburgh State University College. She maintains membership in the American, N.Y.S. and Long Island Speech Language and Hearing Associations.

In addition to traditional speech and language therapy, Ms. Newton incorporates oral motor therapy including myofunctional/tongue thrust therapy, and developmental feeding and swallowing therapy for those who do not respond well to the traditional treatment of articulation and phonological delays.

Aside from her professional experience, she has personal experience in raising four children with diverse learning styles and abilities. She has served her community as an active leader in the Parent Teacher Association at the school and council level for 14 years. She has served on numerous educational committees for her local school district, successfully spearheaded a committee to increase the “safety net” for NYS graduation requirements for Special Education students as well as organized two community-wide district health fairs.

Ms. Newton is dedicated to individualizing her services to meet the diverse needs of her patients and helping them achieve their own potential using fun and functional activities.


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