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Speech Class

Today I finished speech class. I did the lessons with Mrs. Lillian. Before speech class, I couldn't control my speed at all. I didn't stutter frequently, but it had to stop before I was stuttering every five seconds. After I finished speech class, the sentences I spoke were as smooth as a tiled floor. Before that, I sometimes sounded like a construction worker on a jackhammer.

By the time speech class was over, I had no trouble saying anything, even if I was interupted. Those speech lessons really helped. If I start stuttering, I should use the technique I learned.

Speaking slowly is the key to it all. Make sure you say the first word slowly and then there are less chances of stuttering. It really works!


Dear Lillian,

Thank you so much for a wonderful year. Thanks to you Sean not only speaks beautifully, but he also has self confidence. Have a wonderful summer! See you in Sept.

Karen & Sean

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